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Company Overhaul

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the company’s existence. As such, we are planning an overhaul of the Crafty Lion Production objectives. Actually, it’s not a complete overhaul. Rather it is an expansion of the services we have been providing in the past. 

Not many people realise that, before we even became a registered business, we had dreams of becoming a production house that specialised in creating films and web-series of the sci-fi and fantasy genre. With most of our scripts in the works already written in those genres, we are slowly on the way to achieving that goal. Obviously, the current lack of finances prevents us from creating live-action content so we are starting the process on much smaller scale – stop-motion animation with constructible and miniature toys such as LEGO, dollhouse items and clay. Our current services will still play a big part in the overall process, providing voice work, music and soundscapes to accompany the animation. 

The current plan is to create short films using this technique to generate interest in the basic plot and storyboard of each film. From there, we hope to gain enough funding to improve on our storytelling and general production values.

So, sit back and strap yourself in. It’s going to be an interesting ride!