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Limited Supplies

Due to the conoravirus epidemic, the Australian government has decided to impose a suspension of the country’s import/export trade until further notice. Why are we posting this on our blog? Well, quite frankly, this means that much of our art supplies for set construction will soon be limited and hard to get.

Our recent decision to create stop motion animations using dollhouse furniture and figures has been put on hold for one simple reason. The majority of the dolls we need for the animations can only be purchased overseas.  While we can still make construct the furniture ourselves, the sets will be fairly useless without the dolls to bring the story to life.

Therefore, we’ve decided to concentrate on LEGO stop-motion for the time being. Thankfully, we have enough stock to carry out the animation as a short film so we’ll be busy building sets until the situation has been resolved. 

As usually, we’ll keep you updated on our progress.