Long before the days of television broadcast, people were forced to rely on radio to keep in touch with the world. This form of communication was expressed purely through voice and sound alone, enabling listeners to use the power of their imagination to visualize what they were hearing. Then came along visual console games and animation. While visuals are provided, the production of sound within each medium remains very similar to that of radio broadcasts and podcasts.

Established in 2010, we dabbled in different areas of the media from film production to mixed media before we finally found our feet. While we enjoyed the film production process, it soon dawned on us that our strengths lay primarily in audio productions and we have since decided to focus on that.

At Crafty Lion Productions, part of our audio drama production allows us to create soundscapes from scratch with over 8,000 sound effects in our media library. Although a small production house, we are one of a few in Australia that focuses mainly on audio projects.

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