For years, people have been fascinated by the cosmos and mystique. So much so, that two of the most popular genres in film and television have been that of science-fiction and fantasy. In some instances, they have merged together so it almost become impossible to distinguish one from the other.

Crafty Lion Productions started in 2010 as an audio production house, creating podcasts in a variety of genres including sci-fi and crime thrillers. The main project being a sci-fi series about futuristic police officers, patrolling the far corners of the universe on the lookout for crime. The series, then known as simply StarPol, even made it to an internet radio station based in Canada.

However, long before the conception of the audio production house was conceived, founder Caetlyn McLean had always wanted to create productions based around the sci-fi and fantasy genres but the finances just didn’t allow for it. That was until stop-motion animation came along. Suddenly, all ideas and concepts became feasible with the assistance of constructive toys such as LEGO.

Now, we are aiming to re-produce some of our audio projects as stop-motion animations, focusing primarily on sci-fi and fantasy. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!