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Category: General Updates

Limited Supplies

Due to the conoravirus epidemic, the Australian government has decided to impose a suspension of the country’s import/export trade until further notice. Why are we posting this on our blog? Well, quite frankly, this means that much of our art supplies for set construction will soon be limited and hard to get.

Company Overhaul

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the company’s existence. As such, we are planning an overhaul of the Crafty Lion Production objectives. Actually, it’s not a complete overhaul. Rather it is an expansion of the services we have been providing in the past. 

Busy, busy, busy

You may have noticed a lack of audio projects on our production page. Rest assured we haven’t fallen off the radar. We are currently touring with a local theatre company with shows booked until the end of March. Hence, much of our time has been spent rehearsing for upcoming shows.

Stop Press! Stop Motion!

A few years ago, we had been in discussion about doing purely audio productions. However, as the production house has developed, we’ve now decided to film some short films as well – and not just your conventional short films either.