How would you like to be able to download each podcast and play it back without having to do it through the website? This will allow you to listen to our podcasts as many times as you want while saving on bandwidth.

For just AUD50/year, you can do just that. By becoming part of the Lion Pride, you will be able to see a "Download" button next to each podcast which, when activated, will save the podcast straight to your computer/mobile device. The best thing about this method? If ever your computer/mobile device looses any of the podcasts, you can always come back to the site and download the podcast again - no limits. You will even have access to audiobooks and members-only podcasts.

Here's a list of members-only files that you won't hear on the main site with more to come.

  • Season One of Aussie Bush Tales (ZIP)
  • Season One of Classic Tales Revisited (ZIP)
  • A Crafty Lion Christmas (ZIP with the podcast as one MP3 and a transcript of the poems/tales as a PDF)
  • The Suitcase (Full episode as one MP3)
  • StarPol 2010 Audio Series (ZIP file with all 6 episodes of approximate 20 minutes each)
  • Work in Progress animations
  • Bonus material: Selected bloopers from our recording sessions (audio only)

 Register now and become part of the Pride!

Quarterly Pride

$15 /quarter

$5 a month
Renewed every 3 months

Annual Pride

$50 /year

$4 a month