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Classic Tales Revisited
We recite classic tales within the public domain and add sound effects and music to them for a truly unique listening experience!

Hosted by Paul Danger McLean

Crafty Lion Tales - Coming Soon
Original stories, drama and poems written by members of our team, or with permission from the original authors.

Fairy Tales For Young Ears - Coming Soon
Step into a world of classical fairy tales with us and help reintroduce the magic into your’s child imagination. Our podcasts are unique with sound effects, character voices and music to bring a listening experience your child will never forget!

Governance - Coming Soon
A mercenary from the far future travels back in time to save the cosmos from the perpetual misery of a powerfully corrupt government.

An original drama, over 20 years in development.

Bush Aussies - In Development
An artist from Adelaide, with dreams of getting rich, inherits a house in the country. There’s only one catch – he must live in it for a year first.

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