Inner Paradox is a podcast of a different type. It tells the story of a young woman trapped in a coma from her point of view. As well as the sense of sight, we aim to reproduce the sense of smell, taste and touch through the power of sound alone.  It is hoped that this will give the listener something to think about when they take off the headphones.

At the moment, we have Ellie narrating the story. She is telling you what you should be feeling and tasting. We have even written a bit of a backstory as to how she ended up in the coma and she is trying to figure it out herself.

Eventually, we hope to phase out Ellie’s narration and let the listener do the thinking. It is hoped that the sounds we implement into the production will evoke the emotions of a person trapped in a coma and give the listener something to think about when they take off the headphones.

There may be a few hit and misses along the way but we hope that, with each edition of the podcast, we will eventually reach to our goal.

Here are a few suggestions needed for best listening experience

  • A comfortable position. If you can find a place to lie down, that would be even better. You going to be here for a while!
  • A set of quality headphones – preferably a noise-cancelling brand. We would like you to be totally immersed in the podcast.
  • A blindfold (or you could just close your eyes)
  • An allocated time to listen to the podcast without interruptions. Don’t worry. We’ll give you a timeframe as to how long each edition of the podcast will run for.

First Edition

Crafty Lion Productions
Crafty Lion Productions
Inner Paradox
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