Welcome to Crafty Lion Productions, a South Australian-based production house that focuses purely on audio projects. Not only do we recite classic poems and short stories that are under the public domain, we also add sound effects and music to them for a truly unique listening experience!

Note: All tracks are best heard through quality headphones.

Soon to be released!

This holiday season, we will be recording a heap of Christmas favourites and placing them into a special Christmas podcast which we have called "A Crafty Lion Christmas". This will include poems and short stories within the public domain which have delighted children and adults alike for centuries,

Stay tuned!

Conceived in 1996 by creator Caetlyn McLean, Governance is an action sci-fi series over 20 years in the making. It was originally broadcast by a Canadian internet radio station in 2010 under the name of StarPol and has since been re-worked and renamed to become the series it is today.

We are currently re-editing the existing scripts and writing new ones for the series. We hope to cast the series within the next few months. Stay tuned!

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